We help Mexican vulnerable people re-integrate into the workforce and society in Mexico City

Mi Valedor (“My Mate”) is a social project that, through a bi-monthly magazine, workshops, and healthcare networks, offers vulnerable groups (homeless people, migrants, older people and disabled people) an opportunity to get back into the workplace and society. These people are the Mates.

Workshops and activities with beneficiaries

We support mexican homeless people

At NGO Mi Valedor, we try to create an equal environment that benefits vulnerable populations, who join the project as Mates: as vendors of the print magazine and creators of its content (providing photographs and text). Their participation helps them regain skills and the sale of the magazine is a legitimate and reliable source of income for them.

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Mi Valedor magazine

Mi Valedor (“My Mate”) is Mexico’s first street magazine to offer self-employment for vulnerable groups (homeless people, migrants, single mothers, differently-abled people, among others). Support the project with a donation.

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