Thanks to Anomalía for opening your doors!

Thanks to Anomalía for opening your doors!


We would like to thank everyone who attended the moving inauguration of our art exhibition, “Busca mi casa en el cielo,” at Anomalía. The exhibition, which ran until Sunday, November 5th, showcased the extraordinary talent of our group of ‘Valedors’.

Before the inauguration, we hosted a tour of the workshop where our ‘Valedors’ unleash their creativity. During the creative process, not only were genuine interpersonal connections fostered but diverse creative approaches were also explored , culminating in the impressive works on display. For our ‘Valedors’, this exhibition was more than an opportunity to showcase their talents; it was a chance to share their life experiences, demonstrating the deep connection between creativity and overcoming personal challenges.

We deeply appreciate everyone who attended and contributed to this event, celebrating art and creating a vital space for community and reflection.

Thank you, Anomalía, for being such a strong ally and for opening your doors to diverse paths of creativity and contemplation.

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