Who we are

Who we are

About Us

We are a non-profit organization working to promote social cohesion and integration for socially excluded individuals and groups, through support networks and community settings free from discrimination. 

Beneficiaries: the valedores (The “mates” or “buddies”)

A valedor is any adult person who is at risk of becoming, or who is currently in a situation of homelessness, job insecurity, unemployment, eviction, forced migration, or who lives in social exclusion due to his or her age, gender, or physical disability, and who lives in Mexico City or its surrounding areas. 

The valedores join voluntarily as a result of coming into contact with campaigns or recruitment brigades on the streets, or in soup kitchens and hostels, as well as via referral programs with existing valedores and allied institutions. 


To build a healthy community with the valedores, in which workshops are imparted to strengthen their skills, and to collectively create a cultural magazine, the sales of which allow them to generate additional income. 


To be the first option for priority groups in their search for a healthy space for co-existence and a collaborative model of self-employment, whilst growing the network of valedores

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Mi Valedor magazine

Mi Valedor (“My Mate”) is Mexico’s first street magazine to offer self-employment for vulnerable groups (homeless people, migrants, single mothers, differently-abled people, among others). Support the project with a donation.

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