Presentation at the SOMA: Voice through art

Presentation at the SOMA: Voice through art




During the last Museum Night in June, we had the honor of giving a presentation

at SOMA, where we explored and explained how we create spaces to give voice to different perspectives through various forms of artistic expression. It was fascinating to witness the discussion on the ways  groups in vulnerable situations manage to include themselves and express their voices through unique works.

We had the presence of Pamela Zeferino, Cecilia Miranda, and Paola Eguiluz, who shared with us the profound creative process and talked about their experience as female artists from the outskirts, and how this shapes their movements through the city.

In addition, Francisco González, photographer and valedor, shared his perspective as an artist and the difficulties he has faced along his journey. An enriching and thoughtful point of view.

Admiration and gratitude to all!

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