Mi Valedor presented at 11th Book Fair in the central walk Alameda

Mi Valedor presented at 11th Book Fair in the central walk Alameda


Within the framework of the 11th Book Fair in the central walk Alameda, organized by the brigade Para Leer en Libertad A.C, Arturo Soto and Jimena Acevedo had the opportunity to be part of the conferences day at the open forum of the fair to introduce Mi Valedor as a social project to the audience. 

The speakers discussed a variety of points related to the creation and management of Mi Valedor as an association and as a bimonthly publication, starting with the importance and the awareness of the work of all CSOs, that seeks the human rights of those who are part of them.  

They also discussed the ideas that led to the creation of the magazine, in which Mi Valedor members contribute as one of many activities of their process of social and labor reintegration.

Visual arts are an important slope for Mi Valedor editorial, and with the usual thematic, Mexico City turns out to be a great excuse for the exploration of space from all its angles. More importantly, from the perspective of those who live and transit it in a certain precarious way.

Thus, from a powerful, critical, and unpretentious photographic perspective, Mi Valedor has generated a distinctive brand in each publication that also gives special importance to humor as a narrative tool and a way of survival. At the end of the day, more than a magazine, it is a vehicle to create community.

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