This is how it was our third valedor Saturday of the year

This is how it was our third valedor Saturday of the year

El sábado 24 de abril llevamos a cabo la tercera edición de nuestros Sábados de valedor, eventos de venta con los que buscamos apoyar a los valedores en la generación de un ingreso y la continuidad de su interacción social.

On Saturday, April 24, we held the third edition of our Valedor Saturdays, sales events with which we seek to support the valedores in generating income and continuing their social integration process.

Last Saturday, April 24, the third valedor Saturday of 2021 was held, as part of the strategies to reactivate activities and sales events with valedores, in this context of confinement and reduction of activities of all kinds. That is why, at Mi Valedor, we continue to apply all health protection measures for everyone’s care. We know that it is not easy to feel confident after so many events that we have experienced in Mexico and in the world, however, we will continue with all the attitude promoting our work and that of our valedores.

This event was held in Parque México, and the most recent edition began to be sold, Valedores del mundo, ¡uníos! and there were six volunteers who accompanied the valedores during their sales. It is important to mention that this activity was the first of the year that had volunteers, hoping to have many more soon, and that you decide to join to be part of the change. Sign up here.

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  • Mirada Camarada, our first Collective Exhibition by the Valedores


    We are very happy to announce that on November 18th we will inaugurate our first collective exhibition comprised of photography, drawings and texts with which we seek to open dialogue within our community to share ideas through the work of the Valedores and some of our beloved collaborators The exhibition will take place in Laguna, […]



    On Wednesday, October 27, we visited the facilities of the Tecnológico de Monterrey with the purpose of recording audiovisual material with which we will promote a collective activity that we will soon tell you about.


    This Thursday, October 28, the valedores mounted the Day of the Dead altar, an important occasion for many of them since they remember their loved ones while living together in a healthy and safe space. This activity was the preamble to a skull writing (traditional poetry) workshop that will be held on Tuesday, November 2.


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